Bennington VT, Willowbrook Drive apartments


22 Willowbrook Drive

Bennington Housing Authority office sign

Willowbrook opened for occupancy in May 1973. It has 75 units of Family Housing. The construction is wood frame, two story, row house design. All apartments have the living quarters downstairs and the bedrooms upstairs, with the exception of the two units designed for the use of a wheelchair and the 5-bedroom units with a bedroom downstairs. The project consists of nine buildings of apartments, plus one community building, with consisting of the maintenance shop, laundry room, boiler room, community room, and the Bennington Housing Authority office. Four buildings have ten 3-bedroom units each. Two buildings have have 2-bedroom units (seven in one and six in the other), plus one 3-bedroom apartment designed for the use of a wheelchair at the end of each of the two buildings. There are two buildings with 4-bedroom units (seven in one and eight in the other). And one building with 5-bedroom units. A total of 75 units.
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