Smoke Free Survey

Since 2009 HUD has strongly encouraged Housing Authorities to adopt smoke-free policies in their buildings and common areas. It was announced on November 30, 2016 that Public Housing Developments in the United States will now be required to provide a smoke-free environment for their residents. We understand that quitting smoking can be a very difficult task, but this is something we have to do within the next eighteen (18) months. We want to partner with you to make this transition work for everyone and your feedback is important to us. Please let us know what you think about having rules about tobacco use in your apartments and on the property by filling out the survey below by February 17, 2017.


Do you smoke in your apartment?

Can you smell smoke in your apartment? If more than one option applies please comment below.

Given the choice which would you choose?

If you are a smoker, would you be interested in quitting if there were services/supplies offered to assist you?

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